Slope Sites

Inspiring homes from every angle.

Evenwedge Homes are specialist sloping site builders in Melbourne. Unlike other construction companies we are happy to work with land angled at pretty much any degree and will work with you to develop the most pleasing solution possible. We design our houses to fit the land instead of simply leveling it out. This means that you can have a brand new home with all the advantages of the view that your difficult piece of land gives you.

Focus on value for money.

At Evenwedge Homes we have a strong focus on providing excellent value for money. We take every measure possible to minimise excavation and retaining costs, while still maintaining the integrity of the land and house, so that you can spend more of your budget on high quality features throughout your new home.

Custom design solutions.

Whether you want to build on an uphill slope or a multi level block, the sloping block builders Melbourne at Evenwedge Homes can deliver with our custom design service. We can adapt your plans and specifications to the demands of the site, considering issues such as how to make the most of the view, keep the house energy efficient and maintain the cost effectiveness of your home.

What We Do
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