7 Influential Trends Being Followed By Designer Home Builders

Whilst trends come and go in the building industry without much fanfare or fuss, it should be noted that these crazes are actually set by designer home builders – by the time we get to experience them, they’re old news! In this article, we have looked at 7 of the more influential trends that these builders have been spotted using over the past couple of years.

  1. Classic yet contemporary
    It seems that designers have begun blending modern and traditional elements to create cleaner and simpler elevations. Heavy detailing and generous ornamentation is no more.
  2. Outdoors as an extension of living space
    There has been a growing number of buyers looking for private outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the indoors. This is true for all climates, although the cooler ones require more protection.
  3. Cost effective designs
    In recognition that buyers want to save money, many builders have opted for simplified forms. Innovative and creative approaches to layout, curb appeal and storage are also popular.
  4. The family ‘triangle’
    The open floor plan has actually become quite desirable, as it allows for a flexible space that can be used as needed whilst still being close to the family ‘triangle’ (living, dining and cooking).
  5. Multigenerational living
    It seems that our homes are filled with more people – children are coming back after college and parents are moving in with their kids. Builders are recognizing the need for this type of living.
  6. Kitchen entertaining with a view
    Whilst the kitchen is still the hub of the home, it is becoming a much more popular location for entertaining to occur. This has led to clever storage, especially the walk in pantry.

  7. Less land development
    Builders seem to be focusing more on smaller developments that are in close proximity with public transport and other amenities. This is because there is less emphasis placed on owning a car.

If you are interested in what trends will be surfacing in the coming months, you only need to look at what designer home builders in Melbourne are doing. They seem to be experimenting with whole new ideas, especially those of multigenerational living and the family being centralized. Which of the above 7 trends are you interested in using for your own home?